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Only advance paying clients can request Refund. Please read following terms carefully:

  • A Client can request refund within 30 days of project start date
  • Refund amount will not include processing fees by payment gateways/ bank transaction fees or any third party service fee/taxes.
  • If any stock photos, videos, sounds, music, digital service are purchased on behalf of client, these charges/ fees are non-refundable. These charges/ fees will be deducted from client payment. If these charges/ fees exceed received payment, client will not receive any refund
  • If hosting or domain are purchased on behalf of client project refund may or may not be possible. Every web hosting company has its respective refund policy that expires in 1-2 months. Some web hosting companies may not have refund policy at all. Therefore such refund will be possible if third party or web host first releases held amount.
  • If client requests refund in the middle of a design project and wants to keep / use part of this design or website. Amount will be deducted from client as talhadesign spent time and resources on clients project. This amount will be at least 50% of the total project cost.
  • Refunds might be paid with most convenient and fast payment methods available at respective time.
  • In case of refund client has to delete all images, files, designs received from TalhaDesign. Client cannot use nor share these files with any third party or designers
  • Refund process may require 7 or more business working days


TalhaDesign updates Refunds Policy regularly. For any further questions please refer to contact section.


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